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To facilitate access to other sites that could furnish additional information, the company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES" includes in its sites a number of hyperlinks. Nevertheless, liability can not be held under a third party site that you access via its own Website with litigious or inaccurate content. The company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES" has no control content through third party websites. External sites may contain hyperlinks pointing to our Site, the company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES" has no legal means to oppose this practice usitée in Internet and can in no way be held responsible for content from sites external.


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Personal data is protected by the following legislation: Act of 6 January 1978 article 226-13 of the Penal Code (France) and in Europe by the European Directive of October 24, 1995. You can find the law relating to data, files and liberties on the National Commission website Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), at the following address: http://www.cnil.fr. The CNIL ensures individual freedom, identifies, controls and regulates electronic data files of private and public institutions.

The law of 6 January 1978 grants rights to seven people:

  • the right to advance information, a file can not be created without your knowledge and you must know the use that will be made
  • the curiosity of law: it gives you access to the data concerning you by asking an organization holds information about you
  • the right of direct access: you can get the communication of information concerning you by asking directly to the organization that owns the file
  • the right to indirect access. For some data the law provides an intermediary between you and the agency holding the information (state security ...)
  • the right of correction: if you have found errors on you, the organization that gave you the information must rectify
  • the right to object: you have the right to object to your FILING especially in commercial files
  • the right to be forgotten: IT can indefinitely keep the personal data, which is why a right to be forgotten was created.

Failure to follow these seven rights is criminally sanctioned.


Some of the personal data stored on our server are those that you voluntarily provide when filling out online forms, others are collected automatically.

Despite careful control of content, we do not take responsibility for content from external links. Only the respective owners of these websites are responsible for their content.


This site is governed by French law and any dispute or litigation will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts which the registered office of the company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES".


The company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES" working as intermediary in banking operations (IOB) governed by the following & L.519-1 articles of the Monetary and Financial Code and, more precisely, the credit intermediary defined by Article L. 311-1 (3) of the Consumer Code: "Is credit intermediary, any person who, as part of its normal business or professional activities, and against remuneration or economic benefit provides assistance for the implementation of a transaction described in this chapter, not acting as a lender. "Finance is Cameron as bank agent and not independent exclusive payment services. The company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES" is legally and financially independent of its banking constituents.


The numerical examples contained in the sites of the company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES" is accurate at the date of creation and have the sole purpose of explaining the mechanism of credit operations in question and meet legal and regulatory requirements of information on the matter. They have no contractual value. Credit institutions may modify at any time without notice, their offers, their criteria and conditions of acceptance. Only the prior offer of credit under the Act commits the lender that issued it. The company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES" is committed to provide the information on a personal update on first demand. The company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES" has no power to bind its banking and financial partners. It is subject, as its customers on their terms.

Depending on the nature and amount of loans and following they have done or not the subject of a solicitation within the meaning of the Financial Security Act incorporated into the Monetary and Financial Code, the borrower benefits or not and reflection delay withdrawal under the Act and in particular as follows: consumer credit: Depending on the loan, you get the reflection period and withdrawal provided for by law. Article L.311-15 of the Consumer Code enacts a withdrawal period of seven days and 14 days (art. L.341-16 of the Monetary and Financial Code) when selling. Repurchase credit: Depending on the loan restructuring, you get one or the other of those periods or none.

For renegotiation, Article L. 312-14-1 of the Consumer Code provides that the initial contract may be modified by amendment. This document includes an amortization schedule detailed by maturity, the statement of the APR and the cost of credit calculated solely on the upcoming deadlines. On receiving information, the borrower has a 10 day cooling off period. The debt consolidation loan must be assessed objectively based on the ratio between the cost of loans to consolidate and that the new loan restructuring in comparable period. Lengthening the amortization period entails a de facto increase in the same rate as the cost of credit and even more so with a higher rate. A capital equal, lower monthly payments is mainly achieved by lengthening the amortization period. It is the candidate restructuring appreciate the interest based on his personal problems. No payment of any kind whatsoever may be demanded of an individual before obtaining one or more loans of money. A credit commitment and you be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Credit does not improve the financial position or the budget of the borrower and the redemption of credit does not erase or reduce debt since consolidates in progress credits to which it relates. It only changes the conditions in terms of interest rate and amortization period including repayment. It is appropriate, therefore, to evaluate the benefits of this transaction by comparing the amount and number of installments of existing loans and the amount and duration of the loan restructuring monthly payments that would consolidate. Despite its information efforts, and under the famous adage: Nemo censetur legem ignorare (no one is supposed to know the law), the company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES" strongly encourages applicants to a credit to read the provisions contained therein related both the Consumer Code in the Monetary and Financial Code and consult giving institutional sites in this rich and complex matter, any useful information.

Despite the information efforts of the company "CONTINENTAL FINANCES", we strongly recommend that applicants for loan to take cognizance of provisions on the subject, available on institutional websites, or consult the relevant provisions in the Consumer Code and the Monetary and Financial Code.


All credit applicant at "Continental Finances must pay application fees, underwriting fees of the loan insurance contract and certification costs."

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